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1.           All Machine Guards must be in place and machine free from tools, material and/or trash before machine is operated. 

2.           All tools, loose material (not being used) must be kept from the floor around the machine area where the operator would stand.  

3.           Each and every employee is responsible for keeping air hoses, electrical extension cords off the floor and placed in the proper holding places when not in use.  

4.           All loose material that is usable must be placed in correct area where it belongs.  

5.           All finished material must have customer’s name and lot number written on or attached to it when it leaves your work area.  

6.           All fire extinguishers must be in plain view and accessible at all times. Nothing is to be placed on, in front of or within 18 inches of either side to fire extinguishers.  

7.           No smoking or any type fire will be allowed in the shop area or in the storage sheds, you will be discharged on the spot for failure to comply. Each employee is allowed 2 breaks and a lunch period to smoke in the break room or in the outside yard.  If you smoke outside, the cigarette butts must be disposed of properly.  

8.           All workers are required to wear back support belt, hearing protection, eye protection, and steel-toed boots or shoes while working. (If you report to work and do not have your safety equipment, do not expect to work, you will be written up on a “Disciplinary Report”: and sent home without pay.  The third time this happens you will be given three days suspensions for each item without pay.   The fourth time this happens you will be discharged for failure to comply with company regulations and safety rules).  

9.           Truck Drivers must wear back support belts and steel-toed shoes when loading material and also a hard hat when unloading on job sites. (If you report to work and do not have your safety equipment do not expect to work, you will be written up on a “Disciplinary Report” and sent home without pay.  The third time this happens you will be given three days suspension for each item without pay. The fourth time this happens you will be discharged for failure to comply with company regulations and safety rules).  

10.        Industrial injuries (this is when you are injured while performing your assigned job for the company) must be reported immediately to your supervisor and a report must be filled out with you giving the exact details as shown on form.  

11.        Horseplay or yelling across the shop will not be permitted.  

12.        We will not tolerate stealing from company or co-workers; you will be discharged immediately for doing so.  

13.        Abusive language will not be tolerated on company property or customer’s jobsite. We feel sure that one can use other words to describe how they feel.  

14.        No advancement of salary, regardless of reason.  

15.        No borrowing of money from employer or co-workers, regardless of reason.  

16.        The company does not loan tools or equipment for any reason, so don’t ask.  

17.        Abuse of tools, equipment, will be grounds for dismissal.  Trucks are to be kept clean daily.  

18.        Factory area and equipment must be kept as clean as possible.  

19.        Factory tools are not to be left on floor, they should be returned to proper place when not in use.  

20.        The Company does not encourage personal phone calls; however if accepted or made, they must be kept short and not often.  THE MOBILE PHONES PROVIDED TO LAIL TRUCK DRIVERS ARE TO BE USED TO CALL LAIL’S OFFICE AT 271-1111 ONLY.  NO OTHER PHONE CALLS ALLOWED, FAILURE TO ABIDE BY THIS RULE IS GROUNDS FOR DISMISSAL.  

21.        Restrooms and Break Rooms are to be clean and orderly; paper and/or paper towels are to be thrown in trash, not on floor.  

22.        The microwave is to be cleaned after each use. No hot plates allowed.  

23.        No gambling or fighting on company property.  

24.        Employee will be discharged immediately if you are caught with alcohol or illegal drugs before or during working hours. What you do on your own time is your business, providing it does not interfere with your job performance or attendance.  

25.        The Company asks that you bathe and wash your hair and clothes so as to not offend others.  

26.        No livestock is to be brought to work with employee.  This is not a kennel or barn, nor do we aspire to be.  

27.        It is every employee’s responsibility to keep shop clean and in order. It is employee’s responsibility to keep their immediate work area in a clean and organized manner. Truck drivers are responsible for keeping the trucks, molding racks and loading area clean.  

28.        Every employee is entitled to and required to take a 30-minute recess for their lunch.  

29.        Continuous absenteeism and tardiness from work will be grounds for dismissal.  If you are sick, you must call in after work time in morning and report to someone, a message on answering machine is not good enough.  If you are sick for more than one day, you must have a doctor’s note clearing you to work before you come back.  

30.        Each person that is presently employed and all new employees will be required to do the following:

A.   Attend Company meetings on regulations and safety.
B.    View video on avoiding back injuries and safe forklift operation.
C.    Open discussion of problems and suggestions that may affect job performance.
D.   Required to sign in that you were present at meetings.
E.    Required to sign that all Company Regulations & Safety Rules were read by you or someone read them to you.  

31.      All employees must have tape measure, claw hammer & knife.  

32.      In the event one or more of the Regulations/Rules are not complied with, the Company will go through the following disciplinary procedure:

A.   A written Disciplinary Report.
B.    Time off without pay (3 days on each failed Regulation and/or Rule.)
C.    Immediate Discharge (Depending on Regulation and/or Rule you failed to comply with.) This decision in judgment will be made by management.  

33.      All we ask is that you do your job and meet us half way and we will do likewise.  Good conduct and respect for the rights of your fellow employees on the job is essential to the common good and progress on the job.  

I, (print name here) ____________________________________________ have read and/or been read to, all 33 Company Regulations and/or Safety Requirements set forth by E. H. Lail Millwork, Inc.  I hereby understand the disciplinary action that the Company will follow in the event of my failure to comply with the Company Regulations and/or Safety Rules.  I understand that if I do not abide by the above, but not limited to, Rules and/or Regulations, I may expect termination of employment.  

The Company Regulations and Safety Rules are posted in 4 areas:
1.     Lunch Room Bulletin Board
2.     Time Clock Bulletin Board
3.     Shipping Area by Exit Door
4.     Company website – www.lailmillwork.com