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Shopping FAQs  

Which credit cards do you accept?
Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover are accepted, as well as debit cards, which bear the Visa or MasterCard logo.  

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can, as long as the item has not been received by the vendor or production started in our custom millwork shop or shipped to you already.  If the order has already been shipped by the vendor, we will attempt to cancel the order, but cannot guarantee that the cancellation will be possible.  If production of the order has already begun, you will be responsible for cost of all materials already cut/milled and any production time.  

I canceled my order but I haven’t received a credit yet.  

How long do credits take?

We submit all requests for credits within 24 hours of receipt; however, it may take 7 – 10 business days for you to receive your credit.  You should see this on your next credit card statement or the following one, depending on where you are in your billing cycle.  On customers with open accounts with Lail Millwork, credits will be mailed with your monthly statements.  

Can I return an item that is damaged, defective, or I just don’t want?
·      Stock Material returned within 30 days with our permission is subject to a 15% handling charge. 
·      Non-Stock Material, which is not custom made, returned within 30 days is subject to our vendor agreeing to accept it back into their inventory and is subject to whatever handling charge our vendor charges (20%, 25%, etc.). 
·      Custom/Special Order Material – under the law of Virginia, a customer is responsible for paying for all materials considered by the vendor, E. H. Lail Millwork, Inc., to be a special order.  The only way a special order can be returned to Lail Millwork is with the express written consent of either Ernest H. Lail or R. J. Lail and under the following conditions: 
o   It is at the discretion of either Ernest H. Lail or R. J. Lail as to whether special orders can be returned to Lail Millwork or cannot be returned. 
o   The customer understands that NO CREDIT will be given for said special order material until it has been resold to someone else.  If the price the material is resold for does not equal the price the material was sold to you for, then you the customer will be responsible for paying the difference.  

o   If after a reasonable length of time (30 days), we have not been able to sell said material then you are responsible for picking up said material from Lail Millwork.  

NOTE: Orders for special millwork in the process of manufacture CANNOT BE CHANGED OR CANCELED, except at the purchaser’s expense for any labor and materials involved. 

Verbal contracts and agreements are not binding unless confirmed in writing.  WE RECOGNIZE ONLY WRITTEN ORDERS FOR SPECIAL MADE MATERIALS.  

·      Credit for material that the customer feels is defective or substandard will only be issued if said material is returned to Lail Millwork.  Lail Millwork must have the opportunity to inspect said material; and if applicable, return it to their vendor for credit.   NO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN WITHOUT THE RETURN OF MATERIAL OR INSPECTION OF SAID MATERIAL BY AN AUTHORIZED AGENT OF LAIL MILLWORK.  

·      Any material that is stained, damaged, or unusable in any other way will be deducted from return and no credit will be given on said material.  Lail Millwork decides whether material is usable or not.  

·      It is the customer’s responsibility to have material stacked, labeled, packaged, ready and easily available for pick up.  It is the customer’s responsibility to specify what is to be picked up, where it is located, when it is to be picked up, subject to date being agreeable to Lail Millwork.
Note: Materials returned without authorization will be refused, and the carrier will charge you freight both directions.  

What happens if the item I ordered is not available?

Our vendors ship products before the estimated delivery in the vast majority of cases.  On occasion, however, an order may be delayed due to an availability or other circumstances.  In the unlikely event there is a change or delay in filling your order, we will notify you via phone, postal mail, or email.  We know that this can be inconvenient, and we will offer you one of the following alternatives as appropriate to your situation:  

Offer a BACKORDER and new estimated delivery.  You can wait for the new delivery date, or cancel for a full refund at any time prior to shipment.  

CANCEL your order.  We constantly update our computer system with new information from our vendors.  On rare occasions new circumstances come to our attention after the placement of your order.  Therefore, we reserve the right to cancel your order for a full refund at any time.

Why was I charged sales tax on my purchase?
Sales tax is applied to an item if Lail Millwork or the shipping vendor conducts business in the shipping address state.  
Shipping FAQs

How long will it take to receive my order?  
The standard shipping time for orders shipped via UPS ground is 5-10 days.  Large items are shipped via common carrier (trucking company) and may take up to 21-28 days to arrive.  If you are within Lail Millwork’s delivery area (Richmond, Virginia and surrounding counties), delivery dates will be subject to Lail’s delivery schedule for that particular area.  

Can I have an order shipped to my P. O. Box?
No, Merchandise shipped via UPS and common carrier requires a valid street address to ensure proper delivery.  Merchandise shipped on Lail Millwork’s trucks also require a valid street address or if a street address is not available, explicit directions to delivery address.  We also cannot deliver to A.P.O., F.P.O. or foreign addresses.  

How are shipping charges calculated?
Shipping charges vary according to product type and destination.   Most products shipped outside our delivery area are shipped via UPS (because they offer package insurance and excellent tracking software).  Larger items are generally shipped via common carrier, and require higher shipping rates.  Any materials shipped on an expedited basis may require additional fees.